Security Officer at Dallas Apple Store Shoots and Kills an Armed Robber

Robberies at the Apple Store are pretty common. In fact, the iPhone is said to be one of the most stolen phones in the world. Apple Stores typically follow an open store policy and let you use the latest Apple products. In a recent turn of events, a security guard at Dallas Apple Store has shot and killed a robber early Tuesday. The robber was armed and is also said to be wearing body armor.

The shootout took place at Knox Street at 2.30 am, apparently some construction was going on and the street was kept open. Furthermore, the backdoor of the Apple Store was open in order to facilitate easy movement of construction workers. Thats not all, a security guard was also placed at the entrance.

Sgt. Warren Mitchell from DPD said “The suspect entered the rear of the building wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle in an attempt to commit a robbery. The suspect attempted to disarm the security officer. However, the security officer was able to pull his weapon and fire multiple shots at the suspect.”

After being shot, the suspect tried to escape, however, he succumbed to the gun wounds and collapsed in the alley. He was rushed to the hospital and was later declared dead. Interestingly, the security officer is a retired Dallas police officer and thus police have tasked Special Investigations unit with the investigation. Meanwhile, the authorities are trying to find if there was a getaway vehicle parked nearby.

Apple released a statement that read as follows,

The loss of life is a tragedy and we are grateful that no one else was involved. Apple cares deeply about the safety of our customers and employees and we are committed to providing a secure environment for all who enter our stores,” the company said in a statement.

[via Fox4News]