Meet Sketchboard Pro, a Magnetic iPad Stand for Artists

Apple has been touting the iPad Pro as a full-fledged computer. While it is not entirely wrong, the iPad still faces some issues with its form factor. Apple has fixed one of the biggest shortcomings by launching iPadOS. A Kickstarter project is aiming at helping artists get a feel of an actual pen and paper on iPad with a specially made stand.

The Sketchboard Pro is modeled after the classic illustration sketch boards used in schools. Your iPad sits in the center and the stand comes with Pop-Out legs. The makers of Sketchboard Pro claim that it can be used in various forms. For instance, it can be used on a flat surface or stacked against a desk. Meanwhile, the legs ensure a 20-degree incline on any flat surface. The best part is that you can mount the Sketchboard Pro with an iPad Pro on an easel and paint digitally!

With the Sketchboard Pro, your iPad is nestled into a form-fitted cradle that creates a smooth surface for your hand to glide across. For the first time, this enables you to utilize the complete canvas when drawing on your iPad, rather than resting your hand on areas of the screen where you could be drawing.

Typically artists use full arms for brush strokes and other actions involved in making art. The stand aims allow you to use full arm while drawing digitally. Furthermore, you can also rest your arm, usually, artists rest their arms for a considerable amount of time. The Sketchboard Pro uses magnetic plates to hold your iPad Pro. Sketchboard Pro can be backed on Kickstarter by pledging a minimum of $65.