Sonos Flex Is a Subscription Service That Lets You Rent Speakers Starting at €15/Month

Sonos is known for its home audio systems and the company recently launched Sonos Move, a portable Bluetooth speaker as well. This time around Sonos is in the news for launching a new service that lets you rent speakers, yes you heard it right, rent and speakers!

The service is called Sonos Flex and starts at €15 per month. Sonos is apparently testing the service and offering it to 500 homes in the Netherlands. However, once successful the Flex service is likely to be launched globally. What Sonos is trying to do here is that lowering the entry barrier for its speakers. Good thing is that you can choose from several Sonos models.

Sonos Flex Subscriptions

The Sonos Flex subscription starts at €15 and this particular subscription tier offers two Sonos One speakers. Needless to say, you can control the speakers from anywhere and also use it with Airplay 2. It is worth noting that the same would have cost €458 if purchased.

The middle subscription tier is priced at €25 and this includes two Sonos One speaker and one Sonos Beam soundbar. Meanwhile, the combo costs €907 to purchase.

The top tier Sonos Flex subscription is priced at €50. In this, you get Playbar, Subwoofer, and 2 Sonos One speaker. The subscription is worthwhile if you want a full-fledged home theatre setup.

If you reside in Amsterdam, then Sonos will offer free professional installation for the €50 subscription. Orders once placed will take about four days to process. You can have your Sonos speakers in a shade of white and black. The best part is that Sonos will replace your speakers once the new ones are out, much like the Apple Upgrade program. Lastly, you can cancel the subscription anytime you want to.

[via TheVerge]