This Mac App Bundle Is Packed With Designed To Make Your Life Easier [Deals Hub]

Would you like your life to get a bit easier? Then The Magnificent Mac Bundle is for you! It’s packed with 9 amazing Mac apps created to streamline your workflow, manage your data and simplify your life. Grab it now in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub at a pay what you want price. Just pay what you’re willing — if it’s less than the average price you’ll still be taking something home, but if you beat the average price you’ll take home the entire bundle.

Curious about what’s included in this life-changing bundle. We’ll break it down:

UltData Mac Data Recovery

Make sure you never accidentally delete a file again with UltData Mac Data Recovery, an app that can retrieve files from your Mac, storage devices, partitions and volumes no matter what happens.

MovieSherlock Pro Video Downloader

Download almost any video from any site with MovieSherlock Pro. Save your favorite YouTube and Vimeo videos with ease, downloading 15x faster than real time while retaining the native file format.

Dropzone 3

Don’t continue to navigate a messy desktop when you could embrace Dropzone 3. This app lets you move or copy files or launch or install apps by just dragging and dropping.

AnyTrans for iOS

AnyTrans lets you consolidate and manage your content over multiple iOS devices. That means you’ll never have to dig for a specific file in your iPhone again, letting you control all your data in one place.

Camera Guard 3 Pro

Don’t let hackers sneak a peek! Camera Guard 3 Pro prevents hackers from spying through your webcam, microphone and apps, while also keeping your devices safe from ransomware.

Cisdem Window Manager

Cisdem Window Manager lets you split-screen your Mac into different sizes and positions by simply dragging windows to the edges or corners of the screen.

Cisdem PDF Converter

Sick of fumbling with annoying PDF files? Cisdem PDF Converter lets you covert files to and from PDFs, and even convert encrypted PDFs to access data.

Photo Denoise

Make sure your photos look picture perfect with Deloise. This app removes image noise, lets you tweak denoising parameters by hand for greater precision and improves things like luminance, color, crispness and detail.

Wallpaper Wizard 2

Since you’re staring at your computer most of the day, why not make it prettier? The Wallpaper Wizard 2 app gives you access to countless wallpapers and backgrounds to brighten your day.

Pay what you want for all 9 of the apps in The Magnificent Mac Bundle in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub today.