16-inch MacBook Pro Hands-on Roundup: Its All about the Magic Keyboard

16-inch MacBook Pro has been hogging the limelight with numerous reports and rumors. Today Apple launched 16-inch MacBook Pro with Magic keyboard, 6-speaker sound system, and improved thermal management system. Meanwhile, the company has decided to discontinue the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

As expected, hands-on for 16-inch MacBook Pro is already out. The 16-inch display offers a peak brightness of 500 nits. Furthermore, the new MacBook Pro arrives with a slimmer bezel and a new Magic Keyboard that uses a scissor mechanism. We’ve rounded up a few thoughts from publications that were on hand for 16-inch MacBook Pro, and you can check out some excerpts below.


There is a real, honest-to-god Esc key in the upper left. The Touch Bar is still here, just shorter, and it is still flanked by a fingerprint sensor on the right. The other major improvement is a return to the “inverted T” formation for the arrow keys, which makes finding the right one by feel a thousand times easier than before.

Unfortunately, Apple has nothing to say about the rest of the MacBook lineup. Hopefully each of them in turn will be updated to this design, because it is clearly superior. Apple says that it took inspiration from the Bluetooth Magic Keyboard it sells alongside the iMac Pro, and so this keyboard also is called “Magic.” Okay. It is just gratifying to see Apple finally do what everybody has been asking for.



A vastly improved keyboard, larger 16-inch display with slimmer bezels and bigger battery make the 16-inch MacBook Pro a compelling option for serious pros.

The first thing you’ll notice about the 16-inch MacBook Pro is its large display, but the first thing you’ll want to touch is the new Magic Keyboard. Yup, Apple ditched the controversial Butterfly keyboard on this laptop for a scissor mechanism, and it added a new keycap structure that’s more concave and a rubber dome underneath for support.


To restate the obvious, the screen here is big: a 16-inch panel with 3,072 x 1,920 resolution, 500 nits of brightness and a pixel density of 226 PPI. Other than the size and pixel-per-inch rating, this is the same Retina display we’ve tested on previous MacBook Pros. That is to say, it supports the P3 color gamut (an important spec for photographers and videographers), and it makes use of Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts the color temperature depending on the ambient light. Ironically, though this machine is billed as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, as if that were the defining feature, the new and slightly larger screen is actually the least interesting thing about it.



This is a re-think of the larger MacBook Pro in many large ways. This is a brand new model that will completely replace the 15” MacBook Pro in Apple’s lineup, not an additional model.

Importantly, the team working on this new MacBook started with no design constraints on weight, noise, size or battery. This is not a thinner machine, it is not a smaller machine, it is not a quieter machine. It is, however, better than the current MacBook Pro in all of the ways that actually count.

Daring Fireball

The new 16-inch MacBook Pro has radically improved built-in speakers. This is the audio equivalent of going from chunky pixels to retina displays. It’s that big a difference.

It’s not simply about being louder, although they are louder at maximum volume. They just sound impossibly better. They don’t merely sound like good laptop speakers — they sound like good dedicated portable speakers, period. In a small room, you can credibly use the 16-inch MacBook Pro to play music as though it’s an entertainment speaker system. And at maximum volume, they really are a lot louder — without the sort of distortion we’ve all come to expect from laptop speakers at high volume.

Wrapping it up

The base $2,400 MacBook Pro will ship with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage. However, higher-end models now ship with 1TB storage by default. One can also configure the 16-inch MacBook Pro with up to 64GB RAM and 8TB of storage.

A majority of the hands-on review praise Magic keyboard on the 16-inch MacBook Pro. The updated hardware and slimmer bezels have also managed to impress the publications. Pricing for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro starts from $2,399 and goes on sale later today. It will be available in-store from later this week.