Aggressive RAM Management in iOS 13.2 Breaks Multitasking

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Post the iOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 update, a number of iPhone and iPad owners are complaining about the poor multitasking performance on their device. Users report that apps like Safari, YouTube, Twitter, Mail app, etc. are frequently being reopened when one switches to them from another app.

This is causing users to lose their progress while watching a YouTube video, draft of an email they are writing, and Safari reloading pages when one switches to it thereby leading one to lose their position on a web page. iOS has never really been known for its multitasking performance but the OS has always kept at least a few apps in the background to ensure a decent multitasking experience.

There were complaints from users that iOS 13 is more aggressive than previous versions of iOS in terms of background memory management. But with iOS 13.2, it looks like Apple has taken things to a different level altogether.

This is likely a bug that Apple has accidentally introduced in iOS 13.2. The company should roll out a minor bug-fixing update for this issue next week.

Apple has had a relatively poor run with iOS 13 and bug fixing. The company has been rolling out a new iOS 13 build almost every other week since its initial release. The first iOS 13 public build was incredibly buggy that led Apple to release iOS 13.1 a few days earlier than scheduled. After that, the company rolled out multiple minor updates before releasing iOS 13.2 earlier this week with some new features and enhancements.

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