New Video Highlights This Month’s New Apple Arcade Games

Apple Arcade

Apple has published a new video on YouTube which showcases the new games that have been added to the company’s game subscription service, Apple Arcade. The company has added at least eight new games to the Arcade, and they range from platformers to RPG to artistic games. Let us have a look at the new games and the new video.

The first game in the list is Redout Space Assault from 34BigThings, and it is a space fighter game with impressive graphics and gyro-based controls. Mosaic is a story-based game from Raw Fury, and it uses artsy graphics to describe the story of a lone worker in a futuristic metropolis who gets a chance to break free from his monotonous life.

Takeshi and Hiroshi, the third entry in the list of new Apple Arcade games, is a story of two brothers. It uses cute clay model stop-motion graphics and various fun activities. It puts you into the shoes of a game developer and lets you design your own levels.

Sociable Soccer is a fun soccer game with fast-paced graphics that you can play in a single-player mode or join with your friends and family in a multi-player battle. Monomals by PICOMY lets you go deep-sea finishing to find audio-powered creatures, collect points, solve puzzles, and make your own music.

ShockRods, a vehicle-based arena fighting game from Stainless Games, has also been added to Apple Arcade. Team Sonic Racing, a racing game from SEGA, is available as well. Other games include Marble It Up. Mayhem! and Twoga: Among Shadows.

You can find more than 100 games on Apple Arcade, and you can play most of these games on iPhones, iPads, Macs, and even Apple TVs for a monthly subscription fee of just $4.99 per month. There are no in-app purchases. The company has claimed that it will keep on adding fun new games to its game subscription service every few weeks.

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