Apple Continues to Lead Global Tablet Market, Amazon Trailing in Second

The global tablet market has slumped 4% as compared to last year. Research by Strategy Analytics gives us a clear picture of the global tablet market and also establishes that Apple is still in the lead when it comes to global tablet shipments.

As per the research, the global tablet market has decreased from 39.7 million shipments in last year to 38.2 million shipments for Q3 this year. Apple has managed to beat the slump by not only leading the market but also by being able to see more units than the previous year. Last year, Apple’s market share was 24.4% and this year (Q3 2019) it increased to 26.5%.

The analysts say “Apple is trying to reinvent the iPad to become a productivity device by adding keyboard support to most models and eSIM to all cellular models,” they also added that Apple is “intensely focused” when it comes to bolstering the iPad ecosystem.

This doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since Apple has revealed that iPad revenue has increased from $4.1 billion Q3 last year to $4.86 this year. As you might be knowing, Apple doesn’t release unit shipments data. So the data in this report might not be entirely accurate. However, it acts as an indicator when it comes to trends in the tablet industry. The numbers are drawn from retailers’ distributors and also with the help of sources in the supply chain.

Amazon Tablets sell like hotcakes

Amazon ranks second when it comes to global total tablet shipments. However, it is worth noting that Amazon offers heavy discounts on Fire tablets during Prime day. Despite securing the second position, Amazon’s market share has drastically increased from 5.6% in Q3 2018 to 13.9% in Q3 2019. This literally translates to 141% year on year growth for Amazon.

[via Apple Insider]