Apple News+ Struggling to Gain New Subscribers Since Launch

Apple News+

Apple News+ was off to a great start when it first launched in March this year garnering over 200k+ subscribers within two days of its launch. However, since then, the service seems to have struggled to gain subscribers after the initial rush.

CNBC report says that the number of Apple News+ subscribers has not “increased materially from its first couple days.” The company has also not advertised Apple News+ much after its initial launch.

The report states that a publisher receives around $20,000 to $30,000 from Apple News+. This is the publisher’s share after Apple takes its own share of 50% of the revenue. A publisher’s revenue is calculated based on the number of articles read by subscribers and the amount of time they spend on the article. As per the publisher, this number is far lower than what they had initially expected.

Citing another publisher, the report says that while revenue growth from Apple News+ has been lower than anticipated, the ad revenue from the free Apple News service has been consistently growing. The service has also helped publications reach a different demographic of young and more female-oriented readers, something which would not have been possible with other channels.

Apple News+ is a paid tier of Apple news and provides subscribers with access to a number of magazines, newspapers, and online publications for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Some of the notable publishers on the platform include The Wall Street Journal, Vox, Vanity Fair, and more.

Our Take

Apple News+ is only available in a limited countries and the number of publishers on board the service is not that impressive as well. Throw in the lack of a marketing push from Apple and it is not surprising that the service has failed to garner more paid subscribers. Apple is also working on a super-bundle of Apple News+, Music, and TV+ which could help the service in attracting more subscribers.

[Via CNBC]