Apple Could Offer Apple News+, Music,and TV+ Bundle in 2020

Apple is reportedly working on a ‘super-bundle’ of Apple Music, Apple News+, and Apple TV + which it could start offering to consumers as soon as 2020.

The Bloomberg report details that Apple’s deals with publishers include a provision to bundle Apple News+ subscription with other services.

The bundle could, however, lead to Apple News+ publishers getting less money as subscribers will gain access to the news subscription service at a lower price. On the plus side though, the lower price tag could help attract more subscribers.

Apple recently started bundling Apple TV+ for free with student Apple Music subscription.

The move also stems from the fact that Apple News+ has not received the level of response that Apple had expected, with many publishers earning less than what they earned from Texture.

Some media executives say the amount they’ve received from Apple News+ so far has been less than expected. One publisher typically gets under $20,000 a month, less revenue than it saw from Texture, a previous iteration of the service that Apple acquired last year, one person said.

It is unclear as to why publishers are seeing less revenue from Apple News+, whether it is due to low number of subscribers or because their content is not being read much. Apple’s stringent policies when it comes to advertising does not help things either. The company does not share personal details or email IDs of Apple News+ subscribers with advertisers which makes targeting them difficult.

Apple’s plans are still not finalized and there’s a chance that it may end up shelving its plan of launching a bundle of Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News due to legal issues and complexities in deals with publishers.

[Via Bloomberg]