Apple Patent Details How Future AirPods Pro Will Be Able to Detect Whether They Are in Ear

The U.S Patent and Trademark has published a total of 61 patents. The series of patents also includes Apple’s patent for next-gen AirPods Pro or Powerbeats Pro. The mention of earbuds in the patent inadvertently points at next-gen AirPods Pro. Furthermore, the ear clip or ear loop hints at Powerbeats.

The Air Pressure Sensor is currently not available on Apple or Beats headphones. Moreover, even the AirPods Pro Tech page doesn’t mention the sensor. The latest patent details a feature that detects whether the user has worn the AirPods or not. Furthermore, the patent mentions “Air Pressure Sensor” several times and thus the importance of this technology cannot be undermined.

As per the patent, Apple will use the air pressure sensor which is inserted with the speaker of the earphone. Needless to say, the sensor will enter the ear canal. Now Air Pressure Sensor springs into action and produces a signal that determines whether or not earbud is inserted into the ear of the user. It works by detecting changes in the air pressure inside the air canal and comparing it with ambient atmospheric pressure. Typically, the tip of the earphone will seal off the air and compresses the volume of air when inserted into the ear.

With the help of such signals, the feature will detect whether or not the earphone is being used. If the earphone is inserted, then the system will automatically activate the same. If not then it will switch off the earphone and thus help in saving battery. The diagram above shows how a hearable device will work. We are not sure whether Apple will offer air-vent as a new feature for future AirPods Pro or if they will create a new product all together. Our guess is the former.

[via Patently]