Apple Has Pulled down ‘Ratings and Reviews’ Section from All of Its Product Page

AppleInsider has reported that Apple is pulling reviews from the buyer review section. It was further learned that Apple has removed pages from U.S, U.K and Australian Apple pages. This is most definitely not a bug since the review page has been pulled down from multiple regions. Perhaps Apple has intentionally retired the review section.

Apple has removed the “Ratings & Reviews” section from all of its product pages on the Apple Website. Until now, Apple was praised for not censoring the review section and leaving even the negative reviews untouched. In other words, the review section was known for transparency and understanding of customers’ needs.

A deep dive into the Wayback machine reveals that Apple pulled reviews over the weekend. The below image shows a screenshot of the page before and after the “Ratings & Reviews” section was removed. The company is yet to issue a statement and as of now, we are not sure why it removed the review’s section. It is also not clear whether the Ratings & Reviews section will make a comeback or if it is retired for eternity.

The Ratings & Reviews section had been the home to many negative reviews, especially for 16-inch MacBook Pro. Furthermore, YouTubers have been reading a selection of negative reviews and taking a dig on Apple’s products. However, we are not sure if this is the reason why the Reviews section has been removed. Typically, Apple is unfazed with such videos and editorials that criticize its products.

Do you think it was wise of Apple to remove the “Ratings & Reviews” section? Let us know in the comment section below.

[via AppleInsider]