Apple Releases ‘The Surprise,’ a Heartwarming Holiday Video Showcasing iPad

Apple’s Holiday ads have always managed to pique my interest. They always seem to touch a nerve. Keeping in track with tradition, Apple has put up a heartwarming (and tear welling!) holiday-themed ad on YouTube. The ad comes close to the heels on Thanksgiving.

The video begins with a shot of a family going for a holiday trip. The kids start fighting and the father hands over an iPad to calm them. Even after boarding the flight, father hands over an iPad with downloaded movies for his kids. The family then reaches the destination- grandfather’s house. Meanwhile, the tagline for the video reads “Sometimes, the best gifts can come from the most unexpected places,” reads the tagline.”

Grandfather is mourning the loss of his wife and he seems to be sulking. Meanwhile, the kids spring into action and open up a trunk full of photos and VHS tapes. They use the iPad to scan the paper photos and also add a short video clip. Then the kids request the family to pose at the dinner table.

The ending scene involves the kids gifting an iPad to their grandfather. The iPad plays a video that touches upon all the important events of the family, starting with grandfather’s wedding dance with the one wherein his wife briefly appears. The last frame shows the entire family at the dinner table with the grandmother’s picture added to it.

Our Take

The video showcases the iPad’s video editing capability and that it is easy to put together a video. The only complaint I have with Apple’s holiday video is that the family has to use an iPad as a bait to keep the kids quiet! Previously, Apple has won awards for its holiday ads and I must agree they have all been mighty impressive. Apple has already released a holiday guide and this is something that should help you shop for gifts.