Apple’s Revamped Privacy Website Explains How It Protects Your Data

Apple has always taken privacy very seriously for all its products and services. The company even touts about its privacy-focused approach via its latest series of iPhone ads. Building on that, Apple has updated its privacy website to highlight some of the new privacy-focused features that it has introduced in iOS 13, iPadOS 13, and watchOS 6.

On its privacy page, Apple says that “privacy is a fundamental human right” and so is one’s personal information. This includes right from the news one reads on their device to the person they call or message to their heartbeat after a run. Apple goes on to highlight how the six-digit passcode on your iPhone is impossible to crack since there are almost a million possible combinations. It calls Face ID and Touch ID as the “two most advanced security technologies on personal devices.”

Apple highlights that it does not sell your personal information to advertisers or other organizations. And when it does collect data to improve the overall user experience, it does to by using Differential Privacy where it scrambles the data and combines it with the data of millions of other users. This way, the company is able to see a general pattern in the data instead of specific things that could be traced back to a user.

Apple has also published a number of white papers that detail how its apps and features like Safari and Sign-in with Apple protect a user’s privacy. In total, there are four new whitepapers published by the company today.

If you really value your privacy or just want to know the steps that Apple takes to protects it, make sure to head over to the company’s revamped Privacy website. Sure, Apple has had a fair share of privacy-related fiascos but there’s no doubt that it places a lot of emphasis on user privacy compared to other tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon.