Concept Video Envisions iPhone 12 with 4K 120Hz Display, iPhone 5-like Design, More

The iPhone 12 is still almost 10 months ago from its official unveiling but we already know quite a bit about it. A new iPhone 12 concept by Pallav Raj envisions the phone based on all the leaked info along with some features that most power users wish Apple ends up adding to its 2020 iPhone.

The concept video envisions the iPhone 12 as having a design language that’s reminiscent of the iPhone 5s with squared edges. This is in line with rumors and leaks of the 2020 iPhone which point to it coming with an iPhone 5s-ish design. Despite the change in chassis, the rear design of the iPhone 12 in the concept looks largely the same as the iPhone 11 Pro series, though the squarish camera hump at the rear has gained a new 3D depth camera. The telephoto camera also sees a bump in resolution to 16MP for greater reach.

The display of the phone spans the entire front without any notch at the top. It also envisions Apple using a 120Hz 4K ProMotion HDR display on the iPhone 12.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that Apple will remove the notch on the iPhone 12 next year based on this concept though. Apple might make it a bit smaller but the notch is going to stick around for the foreseeable future as the space is required to house the Face ID hardware. The concept creator has envisioned Apple using “in-display Face ID” which allows for a full-screen display at the front.

Just like all other concepts that we have seen, it is unlikely that the iPhone 12 will pack the same specs or the feature that this concept imagines it to have. Eventually, we might see Apple get rid of the notch and debut in-display Face ID but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.