Elago’s Latest Case for AirPods Designed to Look like Original iPod

Elago is well known for designing cool and funky cases for Apple products. We have seen the original Macintosh stand for the Apple Watch. Now the company has introduced a new case for AirPods 2. The Elago AW6 case is designed to look like an iPod and perhaps is also a tribute to one of the most popular digital music player.

The Elago AW6 case mimics the iPod by adding dummy music playback buttons. Furthermore, the case will be available in both white and gray casings. It needs to be noted that buttons are purely aesthetic and offer no functionality whatsoever. That apart the case is designed to offer protection against drops and bumps.

The Elago AW6 is priced at $12 and is available on Amazon starting today. As far as compatibility is concerned, the AW6 supports both first-gen and second-gen AirPods. The Elago AW6 is made out of silicon and will also protect your AirPods case against scratches while offering a much-needed grip. You can also add a carabiner to the AirPod case, this way you can easily find your AirPods inside your backpacks.

The front-facing LED of AirPods is visible via the cutout provided on the case. It also comes with a cutout to facilitate wireless charging with any Qi-compatible mat. You can also find an Elago AW6 case with a carabiner at $12.99 on Amazon. Funky cases like this help us relive the past without having to invest in retro devices. Before this Elago has offered Apple Watch stands that are designed to resemble iPod and Nintendo Game Boy.

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