Facebook App Uses iPhone’s Camera Even When You Are Scrolling Your Feed

Another day, another new controversy related to Facebook. This time around, web designer Joshua Maddux has found that the Facebook iOS app kept the camera app on his iPhone active while scrolling through his feed. He found the same bug on five other devices and it was successfully replicated by other users as well.

The bug only seems to be present on iPhones running iOS 13.2.2 as users were not able to replicate it on devices running iOS 13.1.3. Some users running iOS 12 have also found the camera app active while using the Facebook app. It is unclear as to how long this bug has existed and whether this was an intentional move from Facebook.

The bug does not seem to be present in the Android version of the app.

The bug does not happen if you have not given the Facebook app permission to use the camera.

Facebook and privacy don’t really go hand in hand. The company will likely say that this was an unintentional bug but with Facebook, it is always hard to tell. The company is yet to issue a statement about this bug.

If you use the official Facebook app on your iPhone, you should just revoke the camera or just about all permissions from it. Or even better, you should uninstall the app and simply use Safari to access the mobile site.