Former Apple Employee Explains How He Accidentally Stole Steve Jobs MacBook From His Office

Andy Miller, former VP of Apple’s mobile advertising unit, shared an exciting story of how he once accidentally stole Steve Jobs’ MacBook, among other things from his office. Andy shared this story during the recent episode of The Eavesdrop podcast, hosted by Hector Rodriguez.

At the 44-minute mark during an hour-long podcast, the former Apple employee explained how he accidentally stole Steve’s laptop as well as his mouse and mousepad during a meeting where they were discussing future mobile ads.

Andy explained that he was already nervous after Steve Jobs was left unimpressed by his team’s work on mobile ads. After two failed attempts across multiple weeks, Steve invited Andy to his office, and that’s where it all happened. After yet another presentation, the Apple co-founder furiously asked Andy to leave. In a hurry, Andy grabbed all the stuff that was on the desk, including Steve’s MacBook, mouse, and mousepad, and shove them in his bag.

Half an hour later, during Andy’s meeting with Hiroki Asai and his team, who was the Vice President and Executive Creative Director of the company’s Marketing Communications team, Steve sent two security personnel to check up on Andy and his lost laptop. Andy then had to answer Steve’s furious call and explain that he did not intentionally steal his computer. After the brief call, Andy returned the MacBook, mouse, and mousepad to the security personnel.

Andy Miller’s mobile advertising firm, Quattro Wireless, was acquired by Apple in 2009 for $275 million. He stayed at the Cupertino-based firm until late 2011, after which he left and then later joined the motion controller startup Leap Motion and served there as an executive between 2012 and 2014. Since then, he co-founded a couple of firms. He now runs a venture capital firm called StartingFive Partners.

Here’s the complete video of episode 48 of The Eavesdrop podcast where you can hear the full details of the incredible story: