Google Photos Now Lets you Manually Tag People in Pictures

Google Photos is arguably one of the best photo gallery app. The integration with Google Drive and the AI-backed features make it a great choice. Google Photos comes with auto face detection feature that lets you search for a person by selecting face. Until now the feature worked by automatically detecting people in images. Now Google Photos has gained a feature that lets you tag photos manually.

Google says that the feature is already rolling out and you will soon be able to tag missing people. However, the feature will work only after Google Photos detects a missing face in the photo, if it doesn’t, then there is no way you can tag manually.

Meanwhile, the company assures that the face grouping feature will not hamper your privacy. In other words, the photos you tag in your app will not appear for other Google Photos users. Furthermore, turning off “face grouping” will delete the face models it has created. The best part is that Google Photos will allow you to tag, rename, and edit tags. This means you can easily correct wrong tagging or address tricky situations like a picture of twins or pets that look similar. Lastly, the new feature seems like a server-side update and will roll out gradually for all Google Photos users.

I have found it almost impossible to correct Google Photos tags. Sometimes the app fails to tag some people in the photo. The manual tag is a no-brainer and much-needed feature. Interestingly, Google doesn’t automatically create a people group for one or two pictures. Instead, the app waits for more pictures before it asks you to tag people.

[via AndroidPolice]