This iPhone Accessory Is a Headphone Splitter for Your AirPods or Beats Headphones

AirFly Pro

Twelve South’s new AirFly Pro accessory is now on sale at Apple’s retail stores and online store. Plug the pro version of the AirFly in an AUX port and it turns into a wireless transmitter for Bluetooth headsets like the AirPods.

This makes it the perfect accessory to have machines and places which have a headphone jack but lack Bluetooth connectivity. Say, while on an airplane, plug the AirFly Pro into 3.5mm headphone jack and then pair your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones with it to listen to the audio of the TV show or movie that you are watching on the flight’s entertainment system.

The good thing is that AirFly Pro can also act as a Bluetooth receiver at the flip of a switch. You can then plug the device into your car’s stereo 3.5mm jack and then stream audio from your iPhone to it.

You can pair up to two wireless earbuds with the AirFly Pro and stream music to them at the same time. As South Fly says, think of this accessory as a “headphone splitter for wireless headphones.”

The AirFly Pro has a built-in battery that lasts for 16 hours on a single charge. It can be charged over USB-C. You can buy the AirFly Pro from Apple for $54.95.

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