T-Mobile Offers Free 5G for 10 Years to First Responders after the Sprint Merger

Earlier this week, T-Mobile and Sprint’s merger deal received regulatory approval from the FCC, the voting had taken place last month. The merger still has some final hurdles to cross. Meanwhile, T-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced that once the merger is completed, he would offer free 5G service to first responders in the United States for the next 10 years.

T-Mobile calls this program “Connecting Heroes Initiative” and touts it as a part of the “5G for Good” plan. The initiative will cover State, local public and nonprofit law enforcement, and EMS agencies. All they need to do is sign up on T-Mobile’s website and once the merger is done they will receive the benefits. It is worth noting that a T-Mobile-Sprint Merger is expected to be closed next year.

“First responders are under more pressure than ever before. With the 5G network New T-Mobile will create, we can do our part to help say thanks,” Legere said. “We’re talking about connecting every public and nonprofit state and local police fire and EMS agency and every one of their first responders with unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data with the highest network priority.”

T-Mobile is marketing the initiative as a useful tool for first responders to save money. Legere told TheVerge that if all agencies would sign-up, they will save $7.7 billion in the course of the next 10 years. Needless to say, the offer’s validity is decided by the merger, if the merger doesn’t close then the offer will cease to exist. The deal was crucial for Sprint which was reporting losses from the past three quarters. Once the merger is done, the U.S market will have only three wireless carriers

[via TheVerge]