WhatsApp’s New Privacy Settings Lets You Block Users from Adding You to Groups

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services. The Facebook-owned company introduced a new privacy setting that will let you decide who should add you to groups.

It is not unusual for people to add you to groups whether you want to join it or not. Of course, you can leave the group but in certain cases, it might cause embarrassment or confrontation of some sort. Owing to the recent hacks, users were demanding better security features.

Henceforth only a group of people allowed by you will be able to add you to the WhatsApp group. If the administrator is not able to add you to the group then they can send a private invite. Now you can decide whether or not to join this particular group. Please note that the invitation will last for only three days before it expires.

The new feature will offer a greater degree of control to WhatsApp users. Typically, private and sometimes professional conversations are done on the WhatsApp group. So it is very important that you are in the control of accepting/rejecting an invite. The new privacy settings are already rolling out and will be available on the latest version of WhatsApp soon.

How to use WhatsApp Group Privacy Feature

Before you begin, please ensure that you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp. Here is how you can enable the settings- Go to Settings and then tap on the account. Now you need to select “Privacy and Groups.” Once done you can select “Everyone,” ”My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.” You can choose to blacklist some people from your account and they won’t be able to add you to any group.

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