YouTube Redesigns Its HomePage with Lesser Videos, Add to Queue, More

YouTube has redesigned its homepage. The updated homepage apparently sports a cleaner design and makes more space for videos and their titles. The update also bakes in new features like “Add to Queue” to the desktop version.

The design overhaul is mostly focussed on desktop and tablet versions of YouTube. As part of the update, the YouTube homepage will now have fewer videos per row and supports longer video titles and larger video thumbnails. Furthermore, YouTube has gained a higher resolution preview and increased space for channel icons.

YouTube Homepage is now much cleaner with content getting a lot of space. This also means that you will have to scroll much often than before. However, the redesign will help in improving the legibility. Meanwhile, Google is also removing some content shelves and adding new ones like Breaking News and Top News.

Moving on, the “Add to queue” will let you add a video to your playlist. This can be done whilst watching a video. If you want to build your own playlist then the “Add to queue” feature will come in handy. However, Google warns that your queue will be cleared as soon as you close the browser. So if you want to access your videos across multiple devices then use the “Watch Later” button.

YouTube Desktop also gets “Don’t recommend channel”, a feature that was recently introduced for YouTube Mobile. Google has also added yet another new feature that lets you choose your topic of interest. Once done your feed will be populated with related videos. As you can see the features are designed to give more power to the users.

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[via Google]