Some 16-Inch MacBook Pro Users Complaining of Screen Ghosting Issue

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Some customers using the recently released 16-inch MacBook Pro are complaining of screen ghosting issues. Multiple users have confirmed facing the problem in various online forums, Reddit, and Twitter.

The screen ghosting issue that users are complaining about is related to slower response time. Some users have noticed that its screen response time is worse than previous-generation MacBooks. People have shared videos and images showcasing the slower response times on their brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Users have complained that the transition when moving windows or switching between screens is not as smooth as it should be. Some users tried switching between dedicated AMD graphics and integrated Intel graphics, but the issue seems to persist. This problem can also happen when the software is not properly optimized with the screen’s native refresh rate.

Since the screen ghosting issue is noticed by more than a few people, we think that the problem could be widespread. People facing this issue seem to be pretty pissed off as Apple has been letting users down with quality control issues. Here’s a video posted on Twitter showcasing the issue:

We hope that the company finds the solution for the screen ghosting problem and fixes it with a software update.

Our Take

Apple had to release the 16-inch MacBook Pro after it faced various lawsuits regarding problems related to butterfly keys that are used in MacBooks launched after 2015. However, even the new laptop seems to be facing various issues, including the one where it makes popping sounds while using media editing and media playback apps.

The company’s hardware and software quality control seems to have gone haywire in recent years, be it bending iPad Pros, unresponsive iPhone displays, buggy iOS and macOS releases, and frozen Touch Bar on some MacBook models. If the company doesn’t act on getting its act together, it won’t be easy for customers to trust the company once again.

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