Airport, and Payment Facial Recognition Fooled by 3D Masks, Couldn’t Trick Apple’s Face ID

We have been seeing how people were able to fool the face-recognition system with 3D photos and spectacles. Now it has come to the light that Apple’s Face ID is superlative and cannot be fooled easily.

The test was carried out by an artificial intelligence company by the name Kneron. As part of the test, the team visited public places like tried to trick facial recognition terminals. For instance, they were able to trick Alipay and WeChat in China with high-quality 3D masks. The team successfully completed the purchases.

In the recent past, we have seen a majority of public places move from pin to facial recognition. In other words, the system makes use of facial recognition to validate users’ identities. While it might seem like a seamless solution, the downsides of facial recognition are harrowing. In case someone is able to trick the facial recognition system, then they can steal all your money, personal data or both.

Those systems, which resemble the ones seen in airports, use a person’s face rather than a PIN or a fingerprint to validate user’s identity. Such masks, in theory, could allow fraudsters to use another person’s face—and bank account—to go shopping.

More alarming were the tests deployed at transportation hubs. At the self-boarding terminal in Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands’ largest airport, the Kneron team tricked the sensor with just a photo on a phone screen. The team also says it was able to gain access in this way to rail stations in China where commuters use facial recognition to pay their fare and board trains.

Lastly, Kneron mentioned that their test did not fool the iPhone X. Meanwhile, they could easily fool other systems with 3D masks.

Our Take

Apple is known for perfecting its features and products before releasing it. After a bumpy start, Apple’s Face ID was later known to be very secure. However, even Face ID has been previously tricked by high-quality 3D printed masks. Users can fool facial recognition systems at airports with 3D masks. With such vulnerabilities, national security is at threat.

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