Apple-Backed Photo Export Tool Could Soon Let You Easily Quit Facebook

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Internet and consumer tech and giants have long been under pressure to let users easily download their personal data and switch between platforms. Failure to do so might make them vulnerable to antitrust laws. Now, an Apple-backed tool might make it easier for you to port out of Facebook if you are thinking to quit the social media website.

Tech giants, including Apple, Facebook, Google Microsoft, and Twitter have agreed to create and support an open-source standard called Data Transfer Project for easier data portability. Facebook seems to be the fastest among the bunch as it has started trialling a DTP tool that can help users export their photos and videos from Facebook to Google Photos. The company says that downloaded data will be encrypted and users would need to enter their password before the encrypted data is ported to another service.

The social media giant’s DTP tool will support exporting photos and videos to other platforms in the future. While this tool is only available for users in Ireland, Facebook announced in a blog post that it plans to roll it out to users in various other markets starting the first half of 2020. Users can access the data porting feature through the ‘Your Facebook Information’ section within their Facebook account. While the company has allowed users to download their personal data for over a decade, it will be the first time it is making the whole process compatible with an open-source standard.

Apple has been marketing user and data privacy as one of the advantages of using its products. Naturally, it agreed to offer the data porting feature to all its users worldwide. Recently, it scored a win in a user data-related class-action lawsuit that had alleged that it sold or shared user-identifying data from its iTunes Store media purchases with third parties and app developers. The lawsuit was dismissed permanently after the plaintiffs failed to offer any credible proof.

Source: Facebook