Apple Powerbeats4 Will Come with ‘Hey Siri’ Support

Apple Powerbeats

Apple had released the iOS 13.3 operating system for its phones yesterday. While the updated OS brings many new features to the table, it also reveals information regarding an upcoming product from the brand – the Powerbeats4.

A consumer electronics publication, 9to5Mac, has spotted strings related to Powerbeats 4 in iOS 13.3. It is being reported that a user will be able to easily access Siri using Powerbeats4, spilling beans about the product’s feature set well before the launch.

Going by the name, the allegedly upcoming earphones seem to come as an upgrade to the Powerbeats3 that were launched back in 2016. However, it is unclear if the Powerbeats4 will be truly-wireless or have a wire between both its buds.

The report from 9to5Mac suggests that the Powerbeats4 might pack Apple’s H1 chipset that made its debut in the second-generation AirPods. Compared to the older, W1 chip, the new chipset from Apple offers improved battery life and better connectivity across various devices.

If the Powerbeats4 indeed feature the H1 chipset, 9to5Mac hints that the earphones might support ‘Announce Messages with Siri’ feature that was rolled out to the current-generation AirPods with the iOS 13.2 operating system.

Unfortunately, there is no reliable information regarding the launch date of the Powerbeats4. Considering that the Powerbeats 3 were launched alongside the iPhone 7, you can expect the upcoming earphones to make their debut at the launch of Apple’s next-generation smartphone.

Source: 9to5Mac