Apple TV+ Not Streaming Content in Dolby Vision HDR on Apple TV 4K

A number of Apple TV 4K owners are reporting that they are not able to stream content in Dolby Vision HDR on their compatible 4K TVs.

The issue has been present since the last two weeks, with Apple TV 4K owners reporting that all existing and new shows are not showing up in Dolby Vision HDR for streaming. Instead, shows like “See,” “The Morning Show”, and “For All Mankind” are now available for streaming in standard HDR10 format. However, the problem does not seem to affect all shows available on the platform as some users are still able to stream “Dickinson and “The Elephant Mother” in Dolby Vision HDR.

Up until a few weeks ago whenever I begin to play See, my TV used to automatically switch to Dolby Vision; however, it doesn’t do this anymore and just plays the content in HDR. It seems to be an Apple TV+ plus issue, because when I when play Dolby Vision content through Netflix, my setup would automatically switch to Dolby Vision.

All the affected shows continue to show a Dolby Vision HDR label.

Dolby Vision HDR format offers wider dynamic range and color gamut on compatible TVs. Compared to regular HDR, Dolby Vision HDR can dynamically adjust contrast and colors on a scene-by-scene basis.

All affected users are still able to successfully stream Dolby Vision HDR from Netflix without any issues. It is likely that this is a bug from Apple’s side that will hopefully be rectified soon, especially now that it has picked up media attention.

[Via MacRumors]