FCC Testing Finds iPhones Did Not Exceed Radiation Safety Limit

iPhone X Body Shots 3

Testing from Chicago Tribune from earlier this year highlighted that the iPhone 7 and other flagship smartphones from Samsung exceeded the maximum radiation level as prescribed by the FCC. This led the FCC to launch its own investigation into the matter and it has now ruled that the iPhone 7 and other Samsung smartphones did not exceed the maximum radiation levels.

Chicago Tribune’s results showed that the radiation level from the iPhone 7 was double of what Apple actually claimed. It even went on to claim that the FCC’s specifications are old and outdated and were formulated in the 90s. The testing was done by an independent third-party lab for Chicago Tribune.

When the original report was published, Apple was quick to claim that it was inaccurate and not in accordance with the FCC testing standards.

The report, however, led the FCC to test the iPhone 7, iPhone X, and iPhone XS in its labs. The testing units were sent to the FCC by Apple, with the body purchasing some units from the open market for additional testing as well. The results, as shown in the image below, confirm that the iPhone 7, iPhone X, and iPhone XS all adhere to the FCC’s maximum radiation limit level and do not exceed it. None of the results matched what the Chicago Tribune found in its testing.

The same also stands true for all other smartphones that were tested including the Galaxy S9, Galaxy J3, Moto G6 Play, Moto E5 Play, and the Blue Vivo 5 mini. The detailed test reports from the FCC can be found here.

If you were worried that the excessive radiation levels from your iPhone were leading to health issues, I guess you can now use it without any worries.