Get 3 Months of Spotify Premium and Google Home Mini for Only $9.99

Last year, Spotify rolled out a marketing campaign in which it gave its new premium customers a Google Home Mini for free. The campaign was a massive success for Spotify as it gained almost 7 million subscribers in just six weeks. Not surprisingly then, the music streaming service is bringing back a similar campaign for this year’s holiday season.

This time around, Spotify is offering its former premium customers a 3-month subscription for just $9.99 along with a free Google Home Mini. Now, that’s an insanely good deal and one that’s bound to make you reconsider joining Spotify if you had ended your subscription a few months ago. The offer is only for users in the United States.

Spotify Premium Promo

Once you re-join Spotify, you will get a code that you will have to redeem on the Google Store towards your free Home Mini. After the 3-month premium period ends, you will be charged $9.99/month for your Spotify Premium subscription.

Another catch with the offer is that it is only for former customers who had canceled their subscription before October 19, 2019. It is also only applicable to customers who did not take part in similar campaigns in the past and have never received a Google Home Mini from Spotify before.

You can get 3 months of Spotify Premium for $9.99 and a free Google Home Mini from here.