You Can Now Get a Yearly Apple Arcade Subscription for $49.99

Apple Arcade

Apple has now started offering a yearly subscription plan for Apple Arcade. A monthly subscription to the gaming service usually costs $4.99/month which translates into $59.99/yearly. However, if one pays for a yearly subscription of Apple Arcade at one go, they will get it at a discount.

Instead of paying $59.99, users will only have to pay $49.99 for a yearly Apple Arcade subscription. This basically means that you will be paying for only 10 months of Apple Arcade service and get two additional months free.

The annual subscription option for Apple Arcade was not available when the service had first launched. You can switch to a yearly subscription of Apple Arcade by going to the Subscription tab in the App Store from your profile. From there, select Apple Arcade and change the billing cycle to yearly.

Apple also offers a similar yearly subscription option for Apple Music. A monthly subscription of Apple Music costs $9.99 and if one purchases a yearly subscription to the service outright, they can get it for $99.99. This again means paying for 10 months and getting 2 additional months free.

If you don’t want to get Apple Arcade on a yearly subscription but are still looking for some kind of deal on the service, you can buy an iTunes/App Store gift card whenever they are on sale. A $50 iTunes gift card is usually available for $40 meaning you can get 5 months of Apple Arcade subscription by essentially paying for 4 months.

[Via iFun]