Spotify Is Testing Tastebuds, a Feature That Helps Discover Your Friends Favourite Tracks

Spotify is testing a social discovery feature called ‘Tastebuds.’ The new feature will recommend songs to you based on what your friends are listening to. This feature is especially useful if your friend and you have the same taste in music. The feature was discovered by Jane Manchun Wong on the Spotify web.

Users can click on the pen icon and search for the people they follow. Once done they can view what their friends are listening to and also share playlists. This is a much-needed feature especially Spotify lacks social features. However, Spotify still offers a collaborative playlist that lets you access public profiles via Friend Activity. I can’t help but notice, Tastebuds seems to be heavily inspired by Apple Music’s ‘Friends are listening to’ feature.

As of now Spotify suggestions mostly rely on algorithms. Going forward it looks like Spotify will generate recommendations based on what your friends are listening to. If interested you can check out a non-functional landing page titled “What’s Tastebuds?”

At this point in time, there are only a handful of ways by which you can share Spotify songs with friends. You can use the SMS integration, Facebook Messenger or any of the other supported messaging services. Moreover, you can also search for your friend’s profile and take a look at their playlists. In all the cases, the playlist needs to be public else you will not be able to view the same.

Spotlight on Content Discovery

Many upcoming artists credit Spotify for helping them scale new heights. The music streaming has helped obscure artists by adding their tracks to recommendations. Spotify was also said to be testing a Social Listening feature that allowed you and your friends to listen to songs simultaneously. All said and done, content discovery plays a very crucial role and Spotify seems to understand the same.

[via TechCrunch]