This Third-Party Remote Is Easier to Use Than the Original Apple TV Remote

Apple TV remote by Salt

Salt, a Swiss internet and TV service provider, has launched its own remote for the Apple TV, owing to the complaints it received regarding the remote that Apple ships with the streaming device. The new remote comes as an optional accessory and costs 19.95 francs. It works with Apple TV right out of the box, without needing any additional steps to pair it with the Apple TV.

The new remote has an old-school design with dedicated buttons for each function, making it easier for Apple TV users to operate the streaming device. The new remote has individual play/pause, stop, rewind, forward, volume up and down, mute, program up and down, menu, and power buttons. There is also a four-way physical navigation pad.

As you might know, the first-generation Apple TV made its debut in 2007. And the Cupertino-based tech-giant, in a race to create products with minimalistic design, developed a remote for the Apple TV that had a unique, clutter-free design.

While the remote control had a premium look, it was challenging to use since it featured only a few buttons. Later, Apple revised the design by replacing the four-way physical button with a touch-based navigation system. Unfortunately, it turned out to be even more complicated to use.

The current-generation Apple TV remote features buttons for volume up and down, play/pause, menu, casting, and voice assistant. And the majority of the people find the remote hard to use due to the lack of dedicated buttons for different features and navigation.

Now, the Swiss company is the first to offer a solution to Apple TV users, at least in its home country. Currently, there is no information if other TV service providers or Apple will offer the newly-developed remote in other markets.

Source: Salt