2020 iPhones Likely to come with Thinner and More Power Efficient Display

Rumors about the 2020 iPhones keep trickling in. The latest one claims that 2020 iPhones will come with touch integrated display which will be supplied by LG.

An earlier report has already hinted at a touch-integrated display on iPhone 12. The display will allow Apple to etch the touchscreen circuit on OLED panels. Typically the circuitry is accommodated in an additional layer which is then glued. With the help of a touch-integrated display, Apple can save space and make the iPhone thinner.

LG Display is aiming to upgrade its production facilities for flexible, Gen-6 OLED panels for smaller displays at its E6 lines in Paju of Gyeonggi Province. For this, the firm will be adding new equipment by early 2020 to produce touch-integrated panels, while switching to the LTPO backplane technology.

As the E6 lines are known to be Apple-exclusive, the touch-integrated screens are to be supplied to the new iPhones to be launched next year, according to industry sources on Dec. 17.

It is learned that the budget iPhone will continue using traditional LEDs. However, the successors of the iPhone 11 Max, Max Pro might come with touch integrated display. Furthermore, the iPhone with the new integrated display is expected to be lighter. In all likelihood, Apple will bake in a larger battery and thus the difference in weight will be offset.

The next part of the report also says that Apple is mulling an LPTO display for 2020 iPhones. We have already seen LPTO display on Apple Watch Series 5. LPTO display is more power-efficient and offers a better battery life.

We wonder if LG will be able to mass-produce and supply LPTO displays for 2020 iPhones. What do you think of upcoming iPhones? Let us know in the comments below.

[via Elec]