AirPods Pro 2C54 Firmware Update Made Active Noise Cancellation Worse, Improved Bass

AirPods Pro

Back in December, Apple rolled out the 2C54 firmware for the AirPods Pro before pulling it a few days later. Turns out, there is a good reason as to why Apple pulled the update.

As testing by shows, the 2C54 update for the AirPods Pro brought about a “significant drop in isolation performance, primarily in the bass-range” On the plus side, the firmware update brought about a “fairly significant improvement to bass accuracy.” Other changes noticed after the firmware update include a “very slight reduction in mid accuracy” and “a very slight reduction in treble accuracy.”

Most of the changes brought about the firmware update are relatively minor and most users are not likely to notice them except for the relatively poor ANC performance.

It is likely that Apple pulled the 2C54 firmware update due to the drop in the reduced active noise cancellation performance. If you have already installed the update on your AirPods, there is not much you can do except wait for Apple to roll out another update.

You can find out which firmware your AirPods Pro is running from Settings -> General Settings -> AirPods Pro on your iPhone.

It is unclear when Apple will release another new firmware update for the AirPods Pro to improve the bass response without affecting ANC.

Did you install the 2C54 firmware on your AirPods Pro? If so, did you notice the drop in ANC quality? Drop a comment and let us know!