App Store Generated $193 Million in Revenue on Christmas Day

iOS 11 App Store

SensorTower report details that the worldwide spending on the App Store and Google Play Store on Christmas set a new high of $277 million this year. This represents a growth of 11.3% over last year where the total revenue generated was $249 million.

While not mentioned, the numbers for the New Year’s Week is going to be even higher.

Out of the $277 million, the App Store accounted for 70% of the total spending and generated revenue of $193 million thereby registering a growth of 16% from 2018. Google Play registered sales of $84 million, up 2.4% from 2018.

Games dominated the sales chart and generated a cumulative total of $210 million across both platforms. PUBG led the sales chart and registered $8.5 million revenue via IAPs, up a staggering 431% from the $1.6 million it had generated in the previous year. In the non-gaming category, Entertainment apps like Disney+ and Tencent Video accounted for 24% of the revenue on the App Store. The top spot, however, was taken by Tinder as it generated $2.1 million in revenue.

The United States generated $80million in revenue across both platforms for Christmas thereby posting a modest growth of 4.8% YoY. Games once again led the chart and helped in generating $58 million in revenue, up by a mere 2% from 2018.

For the entire month of December, the total revenue generated by the App Store and Play Store is estimated to reach $5.1 billion globally — an increase of 8% from the $4.7 billion last year. Just like the last few years, the App Store and Google Play Store have registered record levels of growth in 2019 as well. This time around, the growth was primarily led by games like PUBG which has become a worldwide rage.

Our Take

The gap in the revenue generated by the App Store and Google Play Store once again highlights how the former is just a better platform for developers to launch their apps. This also explains why devs put more effort into polishing their iOS app compared to Android.

[Via SensorTower]