Apple to Pay $85 Million in Royalties to WiLan for Patent Infringement

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Apple has been ordered to pay $85 million in royalties to WiLan for infringing patents related to wireless communications.

As ruled by a jury in San Diego, Apple has infringed on two patents from WiLan that includes ways to make phone calls and download data at the same time.

Apple argued in court that WiLan did not have enough evidence to convince the jury that it was entitled to any licensing payments.

Apple had lost the patent trial in 2018 itself and at that time, a jury had awarded $145 million in damages to WiLan but a retrial was ordered to reconsider the damages.

In 2018, Apple had argued that WiLan used an incorrect method to calculate the damages. District Judge Dana Sabraw then gave WiLan the option of either accepting $10 million or go for a new trial to calculate the damages. The Canadian company went for the latter option.

Apple and WiLan are indulged in a number of patent battles in court. The latter can be described as a patent troll as the company generates the bulk of its revenues through patent licensing.

[Via Bloomberg]