Apple Might Start using Randomized Serial Numbers on Its Products from End of 2020

Apple has shared an internal memo with authorized service centers. The memo says that Apple is planning to introduce a randomized serial number for future products. It also mentions that the new serial will come into effect from the end of 2020. Meanwhile, serial numbers before the change will remain the same.

As of now, it is possible for us to decipher Apple Serial numbers. For instance, the serial number can reveal information like date and location where the product was manufactured. Typically, serial numbers will help Apple with more information about the products. Scammers use the serial numbers to scam people.

Previously fraudsters have cheated Apple by removing original components out of iPhones and replacing them with fake components. Then the scammers would ask for a replacement device that would be sold once received. In this case, the scammers would not only make money by selling main components but also by reselling the replaced iPhone.

Apple tackled the scammers by developing a diagnostic software that detected fake parts in the iPhone. The method was called “Zombie Check” and it worked by testing whether serial numbers for the iPhone were associated with other iPhones that are using services like iCloud. A couple of years ago Apple has rolled out the tool to all authorized service centers. The schemesters used to import fake iPhones and iPads and return them to Apple for genuine replacement.

We hope that Apple will put an end to all sorts of serial number frauds by randomizing it. In other words, the randomized serial number will not be easy to decipher and is likely to prevent fraud.

[via MacRumors]