Bad News for Apple as EU Lawmakers Vote in Favour of Common Charging Standard

Apple has been vehemently speaking against EU lawmaker’s attempt to standardize charging cable standards. The company said the EU’s single charging solution proposal would create ‘unprecedented’ Plastic Waste which is exactly the opposite of what EU claims. EU lawmakers have now voted in favor of the law which mandates all mobile device makers to offer a common charger.

Members of the EU parliament have voted by 582-40 for the resolution. Once this comes into effect, users would no longer need to buy a new charger with a new device. Furthermore, the commission is expected to adopt the new laws by July.

In its defense, Apple claimed to have worked towards standardizing charging solutions with six other companies. In 2009 they have agreed on using Type-C USB standard via a connector or a cable assembly. However, the EU argued that voluntary agreements had reduced the number of chargers in the industry but still failed when it comes to establishing one common standard.

The resolution proposed charging ports like micro-USB, USB-C and even Apple’s Lightning connector. In all likelihood, the EU might end up choosing USB-C since it is one of the most widely used charging connectors across smartphones and even laptops. EU has been pushing for a common charger for nearly a decade and now it seems the time has finally come.

Our Take

Apple claims that the legislation would have a negative impact and increase the volume of electronic waste and also cause inconvenience to users. Furthermore, the company says that millions of active devices and accessories used by European customers will add to electronic waste once the common charger is mandated.

It is worth noting that Apple will lose when it comes to licensing fees which is paid by accessory manufacturers using a lightning connector. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Apple doesn’t want to switch to a common charging standard just yet.

What do you think of the law? Does a common charger for all devices make sense? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[via Reuters]