Location Tracking Reminder on iOS 13 has Effectively Reduced Location Data Collection

Apple has been taking flak for some privacy issues on iOS 13, ever since it was launched last year. The most predominant issue was that iOS 13 allowed third-party apps to access location data in the background.

As expected Apple fixed the issue with a new location reminder feature and apparently it seems to be working. The new feature alerts iOS 13 users with a notification whenever the third-party apps try to collect location data in the background. Thats not all, the feature also displays a map of the locations and gives you three options including “Change to Only While Using,” “Always Allow” and “Just Once.”

Location Sciences, a firm that works on analyzing location data says that background location data has declined by 68 percent while the foreground data collection has plunged by 24 percent. Foreground data is the data collected when the app is open. Another report affirms the drop and says that third-party apps are seeing opt-in rates of less than 50 percent now. Opt-in is when the user explicitly gives permission for the app to collect location data.

Needless to say, the drop in location data is due to the new privacy features. That being said, the location data that was being collected earlier was not organic and bound to drop sooner or later. Thankfully, Apple has taken cognizance of the issue and fixed it with an intuitive pop-up. Apple is one of the few companies that take privacy seriously. They have been putting their foot down when it comes to creating an iPhone backdoor for government agencies.

While it comes as a sign of relief for iPhone users, the developers are upset. They claim that Apple’s new location tracking reminder feature pops up too often and might hinder the adoption of their apps.

Do you think the location data reminder is annoying or a much-needed feature? Let us know in the comments below.