Report: iPhone 11 Has Helped Increase iOS Market Share across All Key Markets

Apple seems to have hit the bull’s eye with the iPhone 11 pricing. The latest budget offering from Apple has helped increase the iOS market share in major markets. iOS currently accounts for 24.3% of all smartphone sales across major European markets, USA, Japan, Urban China, and Australia.

Kantar claims that iPhone 11 is twice as successful as its predecessor iPhone XR. In fact, iPhone 11 accounted for 1 in 10 of every smartphone sold across Europe and the U.S. This is no small feat even by Apple’s standard. The report goes on to explain that reduced entry price for iPhone 11 has helped Apple achieve impressive gains. Putting it in perspective, iOS gained 1.6% in the largest EU markets and the number went all the way up to 5.8 points in Japan.

In Europe and the US, the new iPhone 11 family achieved 50% of Apple’s total Smartphone sales in the quarter, up from 36% for the equivalent iPhone XS/XS Max/XR combination, highlighting real progress for Apple’s aim of getting its huge user base onto the latest models and stabilizing device lifecycle.

The iPhone 11 was the top-selling iPhone every week for the entire Oct-Dec quarter. This was revealed by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook at the Q1 2020 earnings call. Apple region-wise market share gains is as follows, US- 47.2%(+4.4%), Australia- 43.7%(+3%), Japan- 52.5%(+5.8%), EU5-24.3%(+1.6%) and China- 21.4%(+21.4%). The report also notes that Samsung A-Series is doing well in the U.S market and the company has registered marginal gains in the US market.

Apple has announced its Q1 2020 — calendar year Q4 2019 — financial results in which it generated a revenue of $91.8 billion and registered a profit of $22.2 billion. This was Apple’s best Q1 ever in terms of revenue and profit.

[via Kantar]