Pwn2Own Hacking Competition Offering Up To $500K Prize for Tesla 3 Vulnerabilities, $100K+ for Safari

safari on iphone

Trend Micro today announced that its yearly Pwn2Own hacking competition will be held during the CanSecWest conference from March 18-20 this year in Vancouver, Canada. This time around, there will be prizes worth over 1,000,000 USD to win for contestants.

Pwn2Own is a popular hacking competition where major security exploits in macOS, iOS, Chrome, Safari, and other popular apps and services are discovered by security researchers and hackers. A number of major security exploits in Safari and macOS have been reported at previous Pwn2Own events.

This year’s contest will have a total of six categories, including Automotive, Web Browser, Virtualization, Enterprise Applications, Server-Side, and Local Escalation of Privilege. The Web Browser category includes Safari as one of the targets, with the Sandbox Escape carrying a reward of $60,000 and a macOS Kernel Escalation of Privilege carrying a $70,000 reward.

None of the categories include iOS so don’t expect security researchers or hackers to put Apple’s security system through its paces and find a crack in it.

The Automotive category was first introduced in the hacking competition in 2019 and Trend Micro is bringing it for the 2020 competition as well. Security researchers and hackers will have to find security vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model 3 and can win up to $500,000 in prizes along with a Tesla 3 itself. However, there are different levels of tier this time around with varying levels of complexity.

If you are a security researcher who is interested in taking part in the Pwn2Own competition, you will have to register with Trend Micro. Hit the source link below to know the rules of the competition and other relevant details.

[Via Trend Micro]