Amazon Owned Ring Says It Has Fired Employees for Misusing Access to Users Video

We have witnessed numerous incidents wherein smart camera video footage has been leaked. Now Amazon-owned Ring has responded to Senators claiming that it has fired four employees for abusing access to users’ videos.

The issue is very serious, especially since Ring cameras are installed indoors. It is almost like having a prying eye in your home. In the recent past, we have seen a deluge of such incidents and this raises some serious questions about security and data privacy.

The letter to senators reads as follows, “We are aware of incidents discussed below where employees violated our policies,” “Over the last four years, Ring has received four complaints or inquiries regarding a team member’s access to Ring video data.” Furthermore, the letter claims that employees had security clearance to view video data, however they seem to have abused their rights and stepped on the line.

Previously, Ring had granted permission for a group of workers from Ukraine to view user videos. However, the company claims that the video feeds were of Ring employees, contractors and explicit permission had been obtained for the same. Thats not all, we saw a number of incidents wherein hackers gained access and harassed Ring users via their devices. In order to combat such attacks Ring introduced new security features and added two-factor authentication.

Ring claims that only three of its employees have access to stored customer videos and this is done in order to maintain AWS infra. The company maintains that it has no inkling of any attacks or breaches that would require informing the government agencies.

Our Take

Smart security cameras are soaring in popularity, they are affordable and offer a slew of useful features. Most importantly smart cameras let you access video footage and user data remotely. The convenience comes at a price, we have seen many incidents of user data being leaked or hackers gaining access. It is time that tech companies rise from their slumber and put in place new security measures.

[via CNET]