Rumor: Apple Could Launch Notchless iPhone with Under-Display Touch ID in 2020

A Credit Suisse report, a Swiss multinational bank, believes that Apple is currently finalizing suppliers for a notchless display that it plans on using on an iPhone in 2020.

The use of a full-screen display will see Apple get rid of the dreaded notch that many iPhone owners have come to hate. To achieve the full-screen look, Apple will be placing the TrueDepth camera below the screen. The Credit Suisse report further claims that Apple will ditch Face ID from this full-screen iPhone and instead rely on an under-display Touch ID implementation for biometric authentication.

To back up its claims, the presentation from Credit Suisse highlights three design patents for a notchless iPhone. This notchless iPhone will also feature 5G connectivity.

Apple will only be using this under-display camera technology, a full-screen display, and in-display Touch ID for the top-end iPhone model it plans on releasing in 2020. All other 2020 iPhone variants will come with a notch display and Face ID.

Our Take

The sad reality is that the full-screen iPhone as envisioned by Credit Suisse in its report is unlikely to turn into a reality this year. Apple might indeed be working on a notchless iPhone but the chances of it releasing one this year are pretty much nil. We have seen under-camera tech demos from Oppo and other Chinese smartphone OEMs, but the technology is far from ready. Placing the selfie camera under the display leads to a noticeable loss in quality and sharpness — a technical limitation that’s yet to be bypassed.

Additionally, even if the under-camera tech is ready for primetime, Apple needs to figure out where it will place other components of the TrueDepth camera system which it currently does inside the notch. Apart from Face ID, a lot of other iOS features rely on the TrueDepth camera system at the front so it is unlikely that Apple will ditch it in favor of in-display Touch ID.

[Via LetsGoDigital]