Zagg Working on True AirPower-like Wireless Charging Mat

Apple AirPower

Popular iPhone accessory maker Zagg, which also owns Mophie, is working on a wireless charger similar to the AirPower. While quite a few AirPower alternatives have been released that can charge an Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone at the same time, they all require the devices to be placed at a certain spot on the charging mat.

Apple’s AirPower had no such restrictions and promised to charge devices irrespective of where they were placed on the charging mat. However, the wireless charging mat never saw the light of the day as Apple’s engineering team ran into design and heating issues. The charger was initially announced alongside the iPhone X in 2017 but after a delay of more than a year, the company canceled the product in early 2019.

The new wireless charger that Zagg is working on will offer freedom from this. The wireless charger will charge the Apple Watch, AirPods, or an iPhone irrespective of where they are placed on the mat. The company is currently gathering feedback about the product from retailers and plans to release it under the Mophie branding later this year.

The information was revealed by Zagg’s marketing executive Brad Bell on the sidelines of CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The company is also working on long-distance charging solutions that could wirelessly charge devices placed a few feet away from the mat, though the tech is still a few years away from going mainstream.

Our Take

While Mophie and Zagg are known for their quality iPhone accessories, we must wait and see how their wireless charging mat looks like. One of the reasons behind the AirPower’s cancelation was the overheating issues caused by the 16 charging coils inside it. This is more of a physical limitation and it will be interesting to see how Zagg has worked around this problem on its charging mat.

[Via Bloomberg]