Zens Liberty Is an AirPower Clone That Has 16 Coils and Can Wirelessly Charge Two Devices at Once

Zens Liberty

If you are one of those people who were looking forward to Apple’s AirPower and were disappointed to know that the brand has cancelled the product, you’ll be happy to know that now you can buy a wireless charger similar to the one from Apple – it is called the Zens Liberty.

The Apple AirPower was announced alongside the iPhone X in September 2017. It was a wireless charger that could charge three devices at the same time. For example, you could juice up your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch all at once. Unfortunately, the AirPower never made it to the stores, and Apple, back in March, stated that it had cancelled the product, disappointing many of its customers.

Fast forward to the present day, Zens, a manufacturer of wireless charging products, has announced a new product – the Zens Liberty. And guess what, it is similar to the AirPower. Well, it isn’t exactly like the AirPower, since it can charge only two devices at the same time, unlike the wireless charger from Apple that could charge three devices. However, the Zens Liberty allows you to place devices anywhere on the charging mat, thanks to its 16 overlapping charging coils.

The Zens Liberty can charge two devices at a 15W rate simultaneously, making for a total output power of 30W. There is also a USB Type-A power output port on board. While you can use this port to charge a third device using a wired method, you can also use it to charge the Apple Watch wirelessly. Yup, Zens has launched Aluminium Apple Watch USB-stick; it can be plugged directly into the Type-A port of Zens Liberty for you to charge the Apple Watch without any additional steps.

So, the Zens Liberty can, after all, charge three devices simultaneously. You can place the iPhone and the AirPods on the wireless charger, and get the Apple Watch charging accessory to charge your watch. Anyway, the Zens Liberty comes in two variants. The first model has a fabric finish, and it will cost you $139.99. Whereas, the second model features a see-through glass surface. This one will set you back by $179.99. As for the Apple Watch accessory, it has a price tag of $39.99.

The Zens Liberty wireless charger and the Apple Watch add-on accessory are currently available on pre-order in the US. According to Zens, both the products will start shipping from January 2020.