‘AirPods X’ Could Be Apple’s Long Rumored Over-Ear Headphones

Rumors have floated for long that Apple is working on a premium pair of over-ear headphones. Now, Target inventory systems have started showing a new “Apple AirPods (X Generation)” listing, with a price of $399 which could point to the impending launch of the rumored over-ear headphones.

As per YouTuber Jon Prosser, this could very well be Apple’s premium over-ear headphones that will complement its existing AirPods lineup. Apple could integrate all the features of its AirPods and AirPods Pro into its over-ear headphones and deliver even superior sound quality and noise cancellation with it due to the additional space that over-ear headphones offer.

A $399 price tag makes sense for premium over-ear headphones and offerings from Bose and Sony carry a similar price tag as well. What remains unclear for now is whether Apple will launch these premium over-ear headphones under its AirPods or Beats branding.

Apart from AirPods (X Generation), Target also has listings for “Apple TV Gen X,” “Apple Watch Series X” bands and “iPod Touch X Generation.” Apple tends to release new Apple Watch bands in Q1/spring every year. The company’s streaming box is also due for an upgrade since it was last refreshed in 2017. The company was rumored to refresh the Apple TV in September last year with an A12 chip but that did not happen. With Apple expected to hold a March media event for the iPhone 9, it is possible that the company will also launch these products alongside it.

At the moment, it is best not to read too much into the new listings in Target’s inventory system. Retailers don’t tend to get information about upcoming products so ahead of time. After all, this could just be Target making some changes to how it handles its inventory naming scheme.

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