Andy Rubin Led Essential Company Ceases Operation, Takes Down Newton Mail with It

Essential Project Gem

Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android started making waves in 2015 when he started a new company called Essential. The company was set up in order to focus on smartphones and in 2017 launched its first phone called Essential Phone. Now the company has announced that it will be shuttering shops.

Essential’s debutant device features a 5.71-inch edge-to-edge QHD display and the device was constructed using ceramic and titanium. Despite the hype, the Essential PH-1 failed to pick up. Apparently the display and other features were not up to the mark of other established smartphone makers. Furthermore, the device was also riddled with bugs.

However, the failure of Essential PH1 didn’t stop the company from coming up with yet another device. In 2019, the company announced Gem, a weird looking smartphone that would replace Essential phone. However, now the device will never be sold since the company itself is closing down.

In October, we introduced Project GEM, a new mobile experience that our hardware, software and cloud teams have been building and testing for the past few years. Our vision was to invent a mobile computing paradigm that more seamlessly integrated with people’s lifestyle needs. Despite our best efforts, we’ve now taken Gem as far as we can and regrettably have no clear path to deliver it to customers. Given this, we have made the difficult decision to cease operations and shutdown Essential.”

In 2018, CloudMagic shut down Newton Mail because it was unable to compete with other similar email services that were better funded and the company was unable to chart a profitable course for itself. Soon after in December 2018, Essential — the company founded by Android’s co-founder Andy Rubin — snapped up CloudMagic. Post-acquisition Newton Mail was made available across all the platforms including iOS, macOS, Windows, and Android. Now Newton Mail will once again shut down as Essential ceases operation.

[via Essential]