Apple Car Could Have Hi-Tech Self-Adjusting Seats to Help Drivers

Car Seats

There’s no doubt that Apple is working on its self-driving car, and if it brings such a product to the market, it will have some unique features. One of those features could be a self-adjusting seat that holds a driver firmly during sharp turns for better driving experience and safety.

A new patent filed by Apple imagines a car seat that can adjust according to a user for better comfort. It could also self adjust dynamically when required. The company has also mentioned that its new seat mechanism could also be used for regular chairs, but we doubt Apple would ever release something like an office chair.

Regular car seats get worn out after extended usage, and costlier cars have seats with different sections so that they don’t get worn out as easily. Apple’s solution, on the other hand, includes a very simple seat design that uses motors and processors rather than sections. These motors help to adjust the seat’s layout dynamically as per a user’s size, shape, and needs.

The adaptive seat system designed by Apple has a suspension system comprises of a flexible suspension mat, a motorized reactor, and one or more electric motors. Bolsters (padded sections), which are also used in regular car seats, will be present in seats made by Apple but they’ll be adjustable. There will be a spool below the seat that is coupled with a motor and a sensor to measure spool tension.

The seat can become flat, which makes it easier to get in and out of. When the driver is in the seat and the car is turned on, the seat can adjust as per the driver, providing them enough support. Moreover, it can become more grippy and supportive when the car makes sharp turns.

Such bolsters can dynamically appear on rear seats, turning a flat bench into a three-section seat to accommodate more passengers. During turns, the bolsters in the rear seat can dynamically offer more support that prevents passengers from sliding towards one another.

Apple Car Seat Patent Motorized Elements

Our Take

Apple has filed several patents related to the design and interiors of cars, and we think if and when the iPhone maker comes up with its own car, it will be quite expensive but laden with features that other carmakers might have never thought of.

Dynamically adjustable seats, additional driver and passenger safety, mood-based and privacy-focused lighting could be on the offer as well. The long-rumored Apple Car could also feature a self-driving mechanism, much like Tesla cars, and deep integration with iPhones and iPads.

Do you think Apple would really launch a car? If it does, would you be interested in buying one from the company? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: USPTO]