Apple Maps Transit Directions Are Now Going Live in Europe

Apple has been steadily improving its Maps service, adding more data and features to the app on all its platforms. After rolling out the revamped Apple Maps in the US, it has now started rolling out transit data to some European cities.

Users in some European cities such as Barcelona, Spain, have started noticing that Apple Maps now shows transit information, along with new features and information about more points of interest and locations. It shouldn’t be long for the company before it adds more information and layers such as buses, trains, and trams in those regions.

The Cupertino-based firm has started to portray Apple Maps as a viable alternative to Google Maps, which is still the best maps and navigation solution in most parts of the world. Although Google still has more information, Apple Maps is making it attractive to users via a more easy-to-use and pleasing UI design. After Europe, the company plans to expand improved Apple Maps throughout the world.

Apple Maps’ launch alongside iOS 6 was a disaster, but the company has improved a lot over the years. Apart from features like Collections, Flyover Tours, Look Around and indoor layouts for malls, Apple is also bringing forth the privacy aspect of Apple Maps. It is a part of the company’s larger marketing push towards the user privacy aspect of all its platforms.

Over the past few years, the company added important features such as turn-by-turn navigation and 3D models of important buildings and landmarks. If you live in Europe, let us know if you’ve started seeing transit information in the Apple Maps app on your iPad, iPhone, or macOS.